How do the macro versions work?

My imported macros have 4 verisons. 1 for raid, 2 for AOE and 1 for no covenant ability.
Does I have to click on the version i want to use for it to work or does it automatically change depending on if I am in raid or I have aoe talents chosen?
If I have to click the version I want, do I have to click SAVE?


first off sorry i dont have a pic to share. not in front of my computer. so when you first open up the editble Macro, you can see toward the bottom of the first screen, its says Default versions and then a list of drop down menus, the drop downs let you choose when you want certain version to work, like default is for questing and such and you might want the no Coven version for that. hope that helped.

It’ll automatically switch to the proper Tab. If you go into PvP then it’ll switch, Raid then it’ll switch, etc.