How to cast a spell one time only

Hi guys a question.
How can I cast the Hunter Mark at the start of the fight without re-cast it during the run of the macro?

I tried in many ways without achieve the result.
Sorry if the issue is dumb.

Thank you

I feel like there’s definitely a way there’s just not much support or help on here for some unknown reason.

Hope you figured it out mate.

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I personally would write a cast sequence.

Hunter’s mark on each new target
/castsequence [nochanneling,exists] reset=target Hunter’s Mark, null

Hunter’s Mark only once at start of combat
/castsequence [nochanneling,exists] reset=combat Hunter’s Mark, null

I hope that helps.

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Thanks guys, it sounds good!
I’ll test immediately!
Thank you and happy new year!

let me know if it worked for you

It works perfectly!
Thank you!

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glad I could help where I could

BTW castsequence with null at the end randomly fails for some people one some clients with no rhyme or reason. It will work for years then simply not work ever again. This is especially the case if you have ever created a death knight and learnt Nullification Barrier. Suggest instead of using null use something like imdefinatelynullandnevergoingtoexist instead which you make up.

What happens is that in lua code null is not null its just an unsubstantiated object. The null in lua is nil. As soon as something creates an object called null (which is possible), WoW tries to add that to the spell list and tries to cast it. Its been broken like this since castsequence was added back in the week before BFA’s release.

good to know, so better to put something that can never be used. makes sense.

lol could add character to my macros and put izzisaysstop