How to cast more

How do you make an ability in these macros cast more than others, say I want storm strike to try cast more, do I just add storm strike, storm strike in one box, or have more boxes with a single storm strike in them. Thankyou

It depends. What kind of macro is it? If the main sequence is a “Loop” and running “priority” as a step function, you can just put Storm Strike at the top. It would then always prioritize Storm Strike over the spells below it.


Thats a simple priority list. It will always cast Lava Lash, then Sundering, then anything below that.

But it always depends on what kind of macro it is. Could you export it and paste it here? Would make explaining much easier.

Try “Reverse Priority” - it’s more consistent and returns better results than “priority”


I haven’t made a macro I just use other ppls, I’ve never tried to make my own, not entirely sure how tbh. Just edited others to suit

How’s that work if I want it to prioritise a certain thing, but it’s further in the priority list? Genuine question I don’t understand it haha

Because priority isn’t true priority as gse can’t tel what has the priority within wows combat limits. Instead it’s about mathematically probability. In a 4 action loop you are attempting to cast action 1 four more times that you are attempting to cast action 4. From there it’s all about mathematical probability. Priority front loads the chances where reverse priority back loads.

Attempt order for a priority spell is

1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4

The further away you get from the pointy end the less likely you are to hit the 1

We’re as with reverse priority it’s
1 2 1 3 2 1 4 3 2 1

The 1’s are more evenly spread through the attempts.

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You’re a wizard. Thanks mate haha gotta figure out how to make one now.