How to delete info in old forum posts?

I posted information in a forum post that linked to a character in game. I thought nothing of it until I just got harassed by a player in game. He also harassed my guild mates and I have now had to open a ticket for harassment. Can someone please help me find away to delete information in a forum post?

You are going to have to message an admin, but I doubt that this will stop the harassment. What likely happened is you did or said something that caught the attention of a troll/ sociopath / 12 year old. They then did a web search and found your post here, then used it whatever it was to further harassment. However, I doubt that deleting the post will do anything except spur them on.

Note: I use my real name here, and my primary toon’s name, and my bnet ID. As a disabled, conservative, christian, gun toting, anthrogenic global warming denier, with a background in theology, philosophy, IT and science with a brain tumour and agoraphobia/ w panic and PTSD. I am a troll’s dream target. Problem for them is I do not run and I can argue or ignore either way.

It is the internet, and most people are wrong about something, many about most things. The further from average you move, the more vocal people become. Just let it go, or if it becomes threatening IRL report it to Blizzard and the police.

If you fight, the trolls like your fighting. It makes them feel in control. When you hide they see it as a validation of their power and your vulnerability. Trolls are like chihuahuas they bark because they get a reaction from you when they bark. Either ignore them or smack them so hard their fillings come out.

Sorry to hear that anon_hunter, I will message you and try to resolve your problem. Thanks again Robert for letting me know.