How to "equip" anything in a /castsequence?

I want to equip anything in a castsequence.
What I already know or use, equip macro is: “/equip BagId slot” and “/use 15”…

Specifically I want to equp&use the “Wrap of Unity” Cloak to get to Stormwind and THEN equip my old Cloak again, with just one button (pressed 3 times of course).

I always forget to equip my old cloak again xD
Could someone help me out?

/castsequence reset=30 bagidslot,bagidslot
/use 15

Thanks for the efforts. IT doesn’t work. But you gave me the hint I can use the [bagid slot]

I need the [/use 13] in the castsequence. because there is a small delay until the cloak is equipped
So I tried:

#showtooltip /castsequence reset=30 2 25, 13, 2 25
(item is at slot 2 25, that is correct and tested) But it will never jump to the next castsequence. Simple test:
#showtooltip /castsequence 2 25, 2 19
Should equip another item on the second press, but it doesn't, it only equips the item at slot 25 (in bag #2) (just a test-macro)

/use Your normal cloak
/use [mod]Wrap of Unity
/use [mod] 15

hold a mod and double tap to equip then port hit without mod to reequip norm cloak

/use doesn#t work to equip I tested, but with this:
/equip my Normal cloak
/equip [mod] Wrap of Unity
/use [mod] Wrap of Unity
it equips the stuff, however it doesn’t port to Stormwind.
So I swapped the positions and got this working:

/equip [mod] Wrap of Unity /use [mod] Wrap of Unity /equip myCloak
The [mod] was really helpful, Thanks!

Btw my final macro is this, so I can use it on different characters, (but in the same bag slot):
/use [mod] 15
/equip 3 6