How to get any macro to work?


Im totaly new to macro’s
IM trying to help my GF to make a macro work but we have spent a couple evenings trying to get any macro to function.

This is how far we got.

We downloaded and installed Gnomesequencer and macro toolkit.
We figured out how to extend macros so we can fit in macro with more then 255 symbols.

But that is it.

Every single macro we copy paste from this site is not doing more then auto attack.
And it makes her character /say some symbols.

Ive been googling for a a while but i cant find any relevant posts with people having similiar problems.
If anybody could assist us id be very gratefull.

Much regards


Delete both of those and install GnomeSequencer-Enhanced.

This will come with a bunch of starter macros that you can experiment with and then disable when you are ready to move forward (In your addons list disable GS-DraikMacros) These macros will appear in your /macro Character Specific tab.

To edit these use /gsse

THen to import a new one from the site here

  1. Copy
  2. /gsse
  3. In the Sequence Viewer Window Paste
  4. Import

The new button will create a blank frame and the edit button will allow you to edit the currently selected macro.

Whenever you import or create a new macro a stub for it will be available in your /macro tab. There are also a bunch of Global options (ESC, Interface, Addons, GS-E) that will be worth looking through.