How to Launch GSE?

So… I’ve had this problem before, and after nearly breaking my keyboard, gave up and stayed with GnomeSequencer.

So trying GSE2 again, and same BS. Installed GSE2 from Twitch/Curse. Restarted WoW. I see the loading messages, and if I go to addons, all the GSE2 parts are there. But…

/gse only gives me the side crap about arguements. Doesn’t actually launch GSE. Nothing in my macros tab. Nothing any other damn place.

HOW THE HELL do you get this addon to load and launch the window?

Should also mention that the only way I can see anything for GSE in game is to launch another addon settings that launches the addon setting window. The GSE preferences are there.

And yes, I still have GnomeSequencer installed… because that actually works.


/GSE is old school.
It’s now changed to just /gs to open up the gui

It launches automatically however on client start up as with other addons, you just need to use the above command to open the viewer

/gs and /gsse opens the viewer

/gse opens the options from the command line

Its a hold over from a long time ago, I prob need to make all three do the same thing.

Guys i’ve a problem with this addons, i regularly installed via Twitch but on the list of addon is not present. Why?

In the right folder there are all 3 folders GSE.
Did you know how I can use it?

I’ve manually downloade from curse and overwrite but nothiong to do.