How to let the macro work on press the button down?

I just got a new gaming keyboard and a razer naga mouse.

But I cannot figure out the press down button? When I do that only one ability works and it works 1 time. If I spam the button it kinda works. So how do you get to the press down work?

Because when I press another button the macro stops automaticly. How can i solve that? I have a logitech G105 keyboard with Macro buttons (G-buttons) When I use them via record the macro goes on held down but one I press another button it stops automaticly and in PVP sthat sucks :stuck_out_tongue: so how can i adjust that?

And how can I use my razer naga with the press down buttons?

Hello Daan, you would have to find the setting where it allows you to toggle the macro. That means that you hit it once for spam the macro and once again to stop it.