How to make a macro for those 3 abilities

I’ve been searching alot the last 3 days, tried waaay different stuff and can’t find a way to make this work.
I am very sorry if for some of you guys i am trolling or anything, but i do admit i am new in wow and the macros is like a math to me, quite difficult and omega confusing. I am kind of a baka too.
Basically i want to make this 3 abilities to work together as the Demon’s Bite keep casting till the others are in CD and so on repeatedly…
/cast Demon’s Bite
/cast Sigil of Flame
/cast Immolation Aura
Since i have around 8-9 abilities to do dps, it would be really nice if i can at least make them a little bit less.
Please someone help!

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I would love one like this!!!

I tried to create one since a couple days now and it just wont work right :face_exhaling: