How to make it so my macro only spams one ability when I have it pressed

I can’t get this to work for the life of me with the new GSE I had to perfectly done with GSE2

Here’s the case

I want to make a macro that when I press Shift it will only use barbed shot when I press ctrl it uses multi-shot and when I press Alt it uses cobra shot but I want to have other abilities Bestial wrath Kill Shot and Kill command in it but when I put those abilities in the macro I don’t know how to make the macro only use the modifiers I want basically if im pressing shift it will only spam barbed shot it won’t even go on to try and do Bestial wrath Kill shot or kill command it stops can someone help me with this please I know it’s possible I did it in GSE2 and surely the functionality is still their i’ve been trying for hours on this

This is the closest I can get but it’s still not what I want

Delete your first block

Put KeyPress as the first thing in your next three blocks.

You also might want to read Understanding GSE3 from a GSE2 Users Perspective · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub as it explains the changes from GSE2 and why they were needed.

Hey thanks so much that fixed it for me exactly how I wanted it also I did read that on github and my understand was you had to manually make the “premacro” part manually but I was incredibly mistaken

It’s all about control. You may want to do what you are doing with that variable on every action but you may also want to do something different with your mods on your 5th action. You now have the control to be able to make that choice should you choose to.

PreMacro and KeyPress were 2 very different things in GSE2.

Ahh I see I don’t remember ever using keypress to be honest I just thought when the macro is pressed with the modifier and then you press the macro it just overwrites what you want to do and simply repeats that one part but now I know it better than i did thanks