How to mute wow error sound!

See the wiki for more details

There already is an addon that can mute specific sounds


Mute Annoying WoW Sounds will probably also be updated


Example for muting the fizzle sounds:

local sounds = {
	569772, -- sound/spells/fizzle/fizzleholya.ogg
	569773, -- sound/spells/fizzle/fizzlefirea.ogg
	569774, -- sound/spells/fizzle/fizzlenaturea.ogg
	569775, -- sound/spells/fizzle/fizzlefrosta.ogg
	569776, -- sound/spells/fizzle/fizzleshadowa.ogg

for _, fdid in pairs(sounds) do

You can put this in a WeakAura or in the REHack addon or make one yourself with

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