How to save a macro

Since the latest update I had to delete a macro and remake it all over again since it broke.
Now I type up the whole macro hit save
It tells me it saved as
then I go to the main page to see my macros and it didn’t save it.

I dunno if this is connected but my macros on addon page says missing dependency gse-core.
But I don’t think that has to do with creating the macro in game if it does can we get that back?
Or can someone tell me how I can say a macro in game after this last patch?

mymacros is not supported in GSE2.1.0 You need to update that to either be a GSE2 addon or import the entries in it into the game. (In GSE 2.0.14 it would load from mymacros once as a migration step from then on it would ignore the file.)

OK deleted that folder.
Now I am trying to make a macro in game. Via /gsse
I type it all in and click save and it is no where to be found.

Now I took out all other addons and just loaded up GSE by it self and go to click new and you can not even make a macro now.

How do I fix this?

Now I just completed remove this addon and reinstalled and still the same issue.

Ok no matter what I do I can’t get this to play my addons I can not find them in the new updated GSE folder. I can’t import anything. I can not make new macros in game.
NOt even the sample macros are showing up.

Anyone else having this problem I finally fixed it.
First completely delete everything related to this addon. When it ask to delete ingame settings for this addon. YES DELETE EVERYTHING start from scratch.

When going to make a new macro make sure you go to /macro and delete the icons from the old macros you had to delete cause you won’t be able to save any if your page is full.

From here you can start making macros again