How to set your SpellQue to match your MS and other In game macros you may have never heard about

Blizzard sets the SpellQue window in game at 400ms. To change the in game SpellQue to match your AHK, Synapse or whatever software you running KeyPress ms setting - you will need a macro.

Why is this important? If you are running 200MS keypress sofware, but the Que window is 400ms, you will be skipping over spells.

I am sure most are aware that the 400ms Spell Que lets you press a spell that is on cd about a half second before it available and “Que” it to auto-cast.

I do not think i need to explain how very helpful it is to match your MS to the in game SpellQue, or at the very least lower it.

I hope these macros help you out.

This first macro will show you current Spell Que Window setting.

/dump GetCVar(“SpellQueueWindow”)

This macro will let you change the Spell Que Window to whatever you desire. Caution not recommended setting below 160, i personally have mine set at 250, just change the number at the end.

/console SpellQueueWindow 250

One last one, because the Red “error” text annoys me. You know the “spell not ready” or “out of range” text you see above your character. Well this gets rid of that, sadly this should be a button in game along side “turn off error speech”, but it not so here it is. You will have to press when you reload the game or reset your UI, but still handy none the less.

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()

I hope you find these macros useful.

Changing the spell queue increases your changes of flooding the input queue and getting yourself disconnected for spam.

The queue is processed server side and has no bearing on how the commands are going to be executed. You are still sending 4-5 commands per GCD until you have a CVar that will change that ….



Your wrong about flooding the Que, its not how that works at all, unless your running a potato. If you are getting disconnects that a hardware problem.

Watch this if you need a explanation on how it works. And i suggest you don’t be so dismissive, you likely do not know WTF you about, and trying to meme.

Show some respect to @TimothyLuke .

He is the creator of GSE, and the reason why youre here.

Stop watching random videos from YT, and learn from limitations, and mathematical probabilities within their API

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This came up on Discord awhile ago and be prepared for a lengthy post by Tim I’m predicting on why it’s bunk because I drank that Kool-Aid.

I can just link and save a ton of writing. Guide: macros, WoW, you and more - #55 by TimothyLuke

The short version is changing the spell queue client side has no effect server side. You need to change the buffer server side and change how the GCD works for this change to have any effect.


Hey now @woa0 … you can’t just go around the internet trying to be helpful in a way that might upset someone!

He reinvented GS to what it is today now known as GSE. I used to use GS before it was GSE. And he’s done an amazing job with this.


Same here.

Once discovered gnome sequencer, never goe’d back.

Same with GSE.

An outstanding and very helpful addon.