How to sync GSE macros to another computer?

I have a gaming desktop at home where I do the majority of my WoW play, but I also have a laptop for when I travel. I’ve been searching for how to most easily sync all my toons’ macros to that laptop, but so far have not yet found any posts that indicate how to do this.

With the GnomeSequencer classic, it was a simple matter of copying the “sequences.lua” file over, but I’m not seeing anything in the GSE folder structure that looks comparable.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Personnaly I simply copy the 3 gse files from my AddOns to my other computer.

Thank you for the quick response. Just to be clear, are you referring copying the entire folder structure within these three?



@thaladrin yes, I copy this 3 files to the new computer and it brings over all my macros, edits, etc. But to be clear, it will not sync from 1 computer to the other. If you make modifications, add a new macro or anything else, it will only be on that computer and you will have to do the process over to bring it to the other computer. It is simply a way to not start over new when you play on an other computer.

@TheLiwu, thank you. I understand this is only a one-time copy and not a true sync, I really just wanted to clarify if you meant the three folders, or if there were three specific files within them. Some addons don’t behave well if you just copy the folder structures from one computer to another.

Much appreciated,

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