How to use 2 spells at once in a /castsequence?

How do I use 2 spells at once in a castsequence?
I will explain the 2 parts of my question now:
“2 spells at once” EXAMPLE:

/use 13 /use Prayer of Healing

“in a castsequence” EXAMPLE:

/castsequence reset=target/5 Renew, Prayer of Healing

The result should look like something like this:

/castsequence reset=target/5 Renew, (13 AND Prayer of Healing)

However I do not know the code that should stand where the bracket-code stands.

ps: By the way, regarding the castsequence, do you know wether I can set the reset time for the first time of pressing the macro? (instead it runs the reset timer after the last time you used it)
(selfnote serenity)