How to use a spell only if conditions are met?

Hello! Is there a way to use a spell if a certain condition is met for wotlk?
For example on my Death Knight I’m trying to use Frost Strike but it takes 40 runic power. When I put this into my macro it just hangs on the spell saying not enough runic power but I wish for it to cast only when I have at least 40 runic power and if not then skip to next skill. Any way to do this? And is it possible to skip over any skill in a /castsequence if it isnt usable?

You can’t skip over a spell in a castsequence. The only way to achieve what you are trying to do is put the abilities in separate actions in GSE.

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so its not a possibility for a skill to be skipped in a castsequence but if i were to put it into another block as “/cast abilityname” it could skip over if an ability is on cooldown? or put each ability in its own block?

ah you’re right! just tried it and it works perfectly! it fires off when ever it has enough runic power if i add it to another line by itself with /cast. thanks for the help @TimothyLuke