how to

hello, and sorry for my bad english

i have just played this game for a month and now wanna learn about macro. i see many macro in this forum are posted by other users, and they are long, so when i copied the macro into the “macro function in game”, it lead to an error “over 255 characters”

so, i would like to ask, how to solve this problem ? do i need to install some addon to support this ? or else ?

thank you very much for your help.

Download and install an addon called Gnome Sequencer (abbreviated as ‘GS’). There are multiple how to links here on this forum.

–John Q.

SKY TNNL. i would advise you to learn the ingame macro basis first. before downloading addons.

here is a little tip to get you started

in the first line of the macro type


now go down a line in your macro to type underneath

open up your spell book hold shift and click a spell

drag that macro to your action bar.

this should give you a head start in learning macros.

to make a decent macro. Learn about Abilities that are not affected by the global cooldown: