HP Macros - how do i?

I am unable to get the macro to show up in gs, i have downloaded the svn and created a new folder named it GS-HighPerformanceMacros and placed in my wow/interface/addons folder… i type /gsse in game and it does not list them… i have verified that they show at the login screen and they are available addons… am i missing something? please assist

Hello bokó,

I am not sure why you had to create a new folder for it, when you download the zip from github it comes already bundled in a folder when you extract the zip. All I can suggest is try to hit the “Clone or Download” button again and choose “Download Zip” if you didn’t do it that way before.

bokó, also there are only 3 classes at this moment with macros on this bundle and not all specs either for those 3.

Thank you for the information, I will check and see if maybe its just the HP is not available for the feral spec yet… other then that keep up the great work guys :slight_smile: