Hunter pets casting basic auto attacks slow

So on the theorycrafting discord for hunters they have found that pets are casting their auto basic attacks (ie bite claw so on and so forth) slower than before (not instananeously) at time even up to .6 seconds late which can be a huge lose of dps

It’s counteracted by adding this macro to all your abilities.
/cast Claw(Basic Attack)
/cast Bite(Basic Attack)
/cast Smack(Basic Attack)

/cast Kill Command
/cast Claw(Basic Attack)
/cast Bite(Basic Attack)
/cast Smack(Basic Attack)

So I’m not sure how this would work with lazy macros but if you add something like this to each line or at the end of your macros it could help improve dps

I’m also interested to see if our Macro Masters can include this into their setups… if only to see if there’s a significant dps gain (for science!)

Just my experience of this:

As a quick test I dragged my pet ability, smack in my case, to the pet bar so I could see easily when it was cast. I then ran my favourite macro and watched whether there was a delay when it was off cooldown before it cast, of which there was a noticeable one.
I then just added the pet casting lines to the “keypress” section of the macro (added all 3 lines so it works with any pet) and reran the test. This time the ability seemed to cast instantly as the cooldown ran out.

This is just my opinion/experience of course and I could easily be wrong, but it seemed to help.
No idea if this will be affecting anything else detrimentally in the macro but I would assume/hope not.

/cast Claw(Basic Attack)
/cast Bite(Basic Attack)
/cast Smack(Basic Attack)

if you put it under Misdirection it works a treat in the keypress section

What would be the command be for telling your pet to follow, or come back to you? I was thinking of using it as a Post Macro command, but can’t get the syntax right or something…he won’t come back! :slight_smile:

Post Macros will not work unless you set a loop limit.

I have a pet return non-GSE macro:


I have never tried it in a rotation macro, but my experience with it, makes me think it would case issues.

Add a line in the keypress section (I’m at work so I cannot test this, but it should not be on a global so Keypress should work without causing hangups, but if if does hang just move it down to the first line of the body).

/cast [nocombat] Petfollow

Disclaimer: this probably will stuff up your opener though, as you will not register as being in combat untill your first shot hits the target and as such your pet is goiing to hang out by you until that happens so you will not get t eh extra front end damage that you would get from sending your pet as you shoot with a /Petattack.

So I run with a Rylak with is in the Chimaera family. It has an ability, Froststorm Breath. This ability is a channeled exotic ability. How would I macro this into a normal rotation so it channels it for a full duration without stopping?

You don’t. What you should do is go to your stable and retire that pet. Just by using Froststorm Breath, youre absolutley killing you dps output, especially in aoe situations. The reason being is because that ability is channeled therefore during the entire time its being channeled, youre pet will not use any other attack, he will do absolutely nothing except channel Froststorm Breath. So if your spamming that channeled spell you arent able to use Kill Command, Pets basic or special attacks, pet’s gonna stay focus capped, no Beast Cleave(which is way more damage than Froststorm Breath on its own).

But a possible small dps boost for aoe(especially doing solo content) is with a core hound via their Molten Hide ability which deals damage to anything that attacks it with melee for 10secs and has a cd of 1 minute.
Like i said it’ll probably be unnoticable in raids and dungeons, but probably worth checking out for solo content especially if using 2 hounds and hunter companion talent.

Because I am a noob, why do we need the weakaura’s if we have the lazy macro?

I don’t see any mention of WA’s in this thread. No clue what you mean.