Hunter's Mark macro

I’ve been scouring the webs trying to find a sample of a macro. What I want to do is ONLY cast Hunter’s Mark IF I have NOT already applied it on a mob.

Is this possible with some kind of condition in GSE?

No. This is not possible.

GSE can’t know what buffs/debuffs/spells have been casted on the enemy.

The best you can do is (since hunters mark can only be applied to one target) is:
/castsequence reset=target Hunters Mark, null
I think you will find this works most of the time.

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Thanks Elfy! Does it really matter where in the macro I put that line? Keypress, key release, main body?

FYI, I use a lot of your macros. :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I haven’t tried it anywhere else in the macro, I just found previously that it works best there. But nothing wrong with testing it lol :slight_smile:

i use a modded version but i put mine in keypress

I just cannot get Hunter’s Mark to fire off at all in my main macro, no matter where I put it. :-/