Hysterical_Mania Blood DK 2/28/2023



Talents: Wrath CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.29.

This is the first iteration of my blood dk macro, upfront changes are being made. Blood boil and dnd not currently set in initial pull line and will be adjusted. Currently threat output initially is lacking and needs to be adjusted. But the ground work for the blood dk rotation is here. Death strike built in but not spammed as we need to take some damage to heal based of % of damage taken or amount of damage.

Lots of adjustments to made with quite a few changes and ideas im working on implementing as i see and know where to place changes but requires testing.

Enjoy and let me know yalls takes. Up front threat i know is an issue but once you have it you should not lose it.

Additional changes are incorporating additional icy touches to increase threat output instead of a base rotation but working on how i will have this set in stone while not taking away the capability for death strike to fire.

Death coil and rune strike on auto fire

threat level
aoe output
blood rune cds not incorporated

base rotation set
mid rotation aoe set
death strike auto set

Thanks for sharing! Will try tomorrow!

What talent build? wowhead’s BDK BiS Standard tank talent build? I need make sure which one is working with your macro E.g.

43/23/5 Blood ST Mit Focused Death Knight Tank Talent Build


43/20/8 Blood AOE Focused Death Knight Tank Talent Build


43/26/2 Double Buff Blood Death Knight Tank Talent Build


54/17/0 Blood Damage Death Knight Tank Talent Build

Hi @sargis

I have been play with your macro, NOT BAD and able keep hold aggro at ease except took delay to firing the IT/PS/Pestilience to soak nearby mobs sometimes the dps aoe went too early end up dead lol.

Maybe blizzard macro for icy touch, plague strike, and pestilence then normal run your macro afterwards. I will do more test

Sorry for the delay, I’ve actually updated the macro and made some changes I’ll post tonight.

The build I was was the full mitigation blood dk build, if I recall it’s 43/18/5 along those lines. I’ll double check once I have time to find the link to the build

Thank you for testing! This initial variant threat is def an issue when dps are just going to town. 3 points into morbidity could also be a good option especially if your not needing some of the mitigation from frigid death plate in frost


So? Any talents please? I cant use it so…

I haven’t run the heroic mode dungeon yet due to still farming pre-raid bis gear.

However I still run Blood AoE focused tank spec atm. But the other day someone invited me to run Normal HoL as Unholy dps anyways this guy was dual weapon +def 1h sword as Frost tank. saw the threat meter holy crap instant AoE threat meter went skyrocket just Howling Blast with Glyph HB automatic infect AoE frost fever super threat generating with DnD went thru the roof!! Unbelievably

For Normal Dungeon runs, I recommend AoE talent build E.g.

1 - 43/20/8 Blood AOE Focused Death Knight Tank Talent Build


12/54/5 Frost Offtank Death Knight Tank Talent Build


10/53/8 Frost Trash Death Knight Tank Talent Build

@sargis – Any update?

ive been out due to a lot of personal, i tried re reading your request, are you looking for dw tank talents and set up? i believe i have had that posted in my frost forum and its sequence two i think but theyre labled in the OP. Let me know ill respond quick as i can

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@sargis no I meant this one needs improvement script. The opener was screw up when I am out of combat and it didn’t opener standard Plague strike + Icy touch before it start process the loop.

I’m talking about Hysteria Mania.

No problem about your life needs to focus first.

Oh i gotcha now, yes this will get updated and ill work on fine tuning it as best as i can. I’m about to potentially finish another builds update hopefully this weekend. then ill be able to begin putting me time back into this and another build im needing to finish.

I appreciate the condolences! i enjoy how our community is so supportive!

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Very much looking forward to news on your projects here! I use both frost dd and blood tank. I would be very happy to try both!

Hi and thx, any plans to fine tune this one or have i missed your fine tuned one?

You haven’t missed tuning yet. I’ve completed 1/3 of requested builds. 2/3 build in progress to release for testing then I’ll be working on this in full. I believe I posted I’m out of state currently so doing a mix of tuning and vacationing while I’m out


Great, ye im still leveling, 78 now, so have worked well for me :smiley:

any update, bro? waiting for it so much