I am really low on dps compared to sims - please help!

I am a returning player to wow and Im getting pretty old now but falling back in love with WoW again. Unfortunately I have severe Arthritis in my hands and I cannot do the rotations I once could. So I was so happy I found GSE. Unfortunately, I cannot get nowhere near the dps I should be getting.

I used to be a hardcore raider in a No1 world guild and coming back and being kicked from raids not due to deaths to any mechanics but just being low on dps is pretty soul destroying for me, especially when others in the raid screw up on even the most basic mechanics in heroic/mythic raids but are kept in due to dps. I have even tried to change my raid playstyle to try and AoE as much as I can in boss fights just to try and pad out my dps meter but its got to the point that if I cant get my dps up im gonna have to quit.

If anyone could please try and see where im going wrong I would be eternally grateful. I am going to give the Hunter alt im currently playing as an example but all my chars are massively low on dps:

My main Warlock is 472 score and sims at 72k dps and I can sometimes not even hit 40k dps.

I have a 469 Demon Hunter that should be getting 51k dps and is barely hitting 28k dps.

My alt hunter should be getting 33k dps and gets 20k

I use a Razer mouse and use the macro on a middle mouse button. I have between 15-20 ping to servers and running at 100+ fps.


I have tried to many macros on different characters and they all sim badly that I have a feeling that something else is massively wrong. Please help im going crazy!

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I cannot say for other peoples macros but I run all of mine (the ones I created) @70ms, so for the razor software you are using the delay for both strokes shown in your image should be set to 0.07 if you were using my macros. Also when simming is that with all buffs on or off? what length is the battle set at? (most common setting is 240-360 seconds) there are a lot of factors that change in actual fights compared to a sim.

Hi Elfyau

Thanks for replying, its kinda funny as your macros I use for alot of my toons and you were the 1st macro I ever tried :slight_smile:

Here is a link of me trying your macro, Elfyau's 8.3 Destro Warlock Macro **Updated 3-May-20** as you suggested I set down and up on the razer macro to 0.07 now and set your macro delay to 70ms. I also sim and test on a 5 min timer.

This is a test of another Macro, its initial dmg is good up to 80k then it goes down to 40-45k dmg.

Seems the way with most macros I use, the initial trinket boots go off then it goes low.

I was playing on my warlock last night (yours is higher ilvl lol) but was disappointed with my overall DPS in a 15, I will see what I can do this afternoon

Also have you turn off ALL the buffs for the sim? I just tried mine again and I am getting simmed numbers. (against the Dungeoneers Target Dummy) I dunno if making your macro like mine will help but here is mine:

Hi Elfyau

I copied your Razer macro. Still getting 40ishk dps, and yes I sim with 0 buffs and do training dummy or a patchwerk 5 min sim.

is that against the Raiders Target Dummy or the Dungeoneers Target Dummy?

Raiders Target Dummy