i dont know how to get gnome seq started.......... ive downloaded it now what??

can somone help me ive downloaded GS and have all the files but i dont know what to do with it… do i make macros ingame or do i have to make them out of game pls help.

Just a little help. I / we can give you everything on a silver plate, but best is that you find things out yourself. You learn the most from that. But we are still here to help or guide you. :wink:

OK. above your question, you see a Big Yellow bar with the text: “Gnome Sequencer for Idiots – Ask and you will be answered”
There are a lot of questions of people in there, even questions you haven’t thought of yet. Even for me there are Questions and Answers that explained or cleared things up. So my advice is read it.
2nd thing:
In your map containing GnomeSequencer, you see a file called “ExampleSequences.lua”
You can rename or copy that file to “Sequences.lua”
On this this site wowlazymacros.com and some other sites you will find sequences for every class and spec made and shared by other players like you and me.

Tip: Use Notepad++ for this. It’s way better than normal windows notepad.!

So, you can copy & paste sequences to the end of the standard file. But leave one line blank between.!

So Yes, you make or add the sequences OUTSIDE of the game.
After you have saved the changes. You can start up WoW, or when you are still in-game you have to type /reload in the chatbox. So that WoW loads your new sequences and gnomesequencer recognizes them.
in-game you have to open your macro box ( /m or /macro ), you make a New macro with the Exact Same name as in your sequence.
In your sequences.lua you have a sequence named for your hunter.
Sequences["Hunter-MM-ST"] = {
in-game you have to name the new macro: Hunter-MM-ST (just use the ? as icon.)
In the macro box you will see that this will appear automatically:

/click Hunter-MM-ST

Place the macro icon on your macro or spam key
Save it and exit the macro box , and start spamming it.

If you have made a mistake, you probably will see a error message in-game, mostly it also gives you the line where the error is. like 1161. than the error is on that line or in one or two lines earlier.
That’s about it.

I hope I helped you a bit with this. This is about everything you have to do. So all in all almost nothing. :stuck_out_tongue: