I got banned using ahk or keypresser

i got my account banned yesterday,i tryed to use ahk for the first time ,at first i worked very well,then i started to hang and so on got tirred of it and thougt i will try keypresser insted ,so wich programs that released the ban i dont know,any way i am glad it is only 10 days banned so no more ahk for me ,i will just use the macros and gse , the way the are , sorry for the bad english best from ib

here we go again …


hello, i been using AHK for lil over a month now and still in game. so it might of been Keypresser. just my thought.

…I’ve heard Hello Kitty Online is pretty easy to play. Probably not much of a raid scene there I suppose.

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hello do you now if you can deactive the chat channel,just a thought when the ahk went crazzy it keep writing the number 1 in the chat channel

You will not get banned for using AHK, Keypresser or GSE. I have used it for 2 years and no issues.
If you get banned its because you done something bad. Its simple as that.


Also, this is a MACRO site not an AHK or "keypresser site. You might have better luck posting this on AHK forums or that “keypresser” site.

Thats probably why you got banned then for spamming 1 in chat, they probs thought it was bot behaviour or something


i have not used anything else than gse ahk and keypresser so stop your … mr vice guy

I’ve been using macros for several years - since WotLK - and not a single issue. YOU did something you aren’t supposed to and that’s why you got banned…


yes that was my thougt too and ty for your nice answer