I know this is out of content but since you guys are so knowledgable.

does anyone here know of or can create a macro to loot and then skin a body? i’ve googled and found nothing that works. i only ask here because A. i’m a hunter and B. you guys seem to know your way around macros and C. leather working adds an agi buff that certainly helps us hunters :slight_smile:

No looting macro in game (outside the loot-a-rang).

Skinning macro i use:

/use [dead]Skinning

Got this off the wow forums a while back.

interact with target

Set up a keybind for that and you will be sorted. Turn on Click to move and you will even run over to the corpse.

Lootarang has a Hunter equivalent, it’s a glyph called fetch. Teaches your pet to go pick up loot for you.