I’m new here ... Learning the Lingo

Trying to figure out what these terms are used for.?.

Pre Macro : ( does this mean I need to manually use the spells before the macro ) ???

Key press: ( does this mean I need to manually select the spell) ???

Main Sequence: ( is this when I press the macro)???

Post Macro: ( does this mean I need to manually select the spells after the macro)???


That is the best explanation I have seen. Great job @usmcguy

got it from the hunter discord channel but yea its perty nice right

Thanks bro I appreciate it.

But based on the pic I still have some questions:

key press says: executed at start each time the key is pressed down…Which key is that to be precise as in most of the macros it states for example

/cast [mod:shift] Apocalypse
/cast [mod:alt] Death Coil

Does this mean I need to press shift, than alt??

than we have

/cast Festering Strike

So the way I do it is I press shift , than alt, than manually cast FS and than switch to me main sequence macro button…is that the correct interpretation?

@MG76 Basically, when you press the macro key (in your exemple) it will cast Festering Strike over and over again. if you press on your macro key and shift (the mod) at the same time, it will cast Apocalypse instead and if you press alt, it will cast Death Coil. If you keep pressing shift and your macro key, it wil try to cast Apocalypse over and over but if you let go the mod (shift or alt) it will go back to casting Festering Strike.

Hope that helps understand.

Hi Liwu …thanks i think I get it …but that means I need to keep an eye on Apoc and DC if they come off CD to cast them again?..So basically its not just pressing the macro key and that’s it …you need to also watch for the abilities outside of the main sequence…

@MG76 It always depends on the macros. For exemple, I have a Demon Hunter macro with Priority List and on this one, all my skills do have cds, but they are on the main sequence, so once available (off CD) they are cast again.