I NEED a Time Master, AHK guru, hardware macro genius for MM Rotation Macro

Looking for someone to help with the spam timing for a hunter rotation, someone can make an AHK, icue macro or similar. MM hunters need to use Multishot and Autoshot, weaving them in between Autoshots, without clipping off the autoshots.

, the trick would be to put no points in improved Aspect of the hawk, allowing for steady repeatable results. Its a big dps loss, but so is clippping shots.

This is what im thinking,

Target nearest living mob, or target of target if friendly, Hunter’s Mark, Send Pet, Bite, Start Auto Shot (or Serpent Sting)

Multi-Shot, (auto shot fires) Aimed Shot, (nothing) (nothing), (Aimed Shot fires) (autoshot Fires), Multi Shot, (auto shot fires), Aimed shot, (nothing) (nothing), (Aimed Shot fires) (autoshot Fires), Multi Shot, (auto shot fires), Aimed shot

Alternate version/pvp/weak mobs

Target, Hunter’s Mark, Send Pet, Growl, Bite, Start Auto Shot (Concussive Shot (serpent Sting with mod, mana drain sting with mod, scorpid sting with mod),

Arcane Shot, Multi shot off cooldown, refreshing sting at 15 seconds.

The Stings would need to be on a seperate keybind probably.

Can some hero figure out the timing? I currently have a +14% quiver, 1 second global cooldown. I know it can be done, but i just cant quite get my head around it.

Ill post the manual version as soon as bugs are worked out. Right now it works pretty good with manual key presses, unless you miss a shot, or mis time you stutter steps

this has all the info you would need, multishot is 6 second cooldown, aimed i think is 10, https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/47244-dhrallas-hunter-guide/

Adam can you post the range and melee macros you have so far ? see you mention thing slike you figuring how to not spam wing clip etc …

thanks in advance mate.

i thought I had, i will re up if not,

Heres the one that wing clips once, then Mongoose when able, raptor strike of cooldown, works well at 100ms spam.

The only way I could get it to not keep spamming wing clip was to put WC in the pre-Macro slot, and the set the repeat to an arbitrary number, like 66. It resets when combat drops.

Hey Adam, did you get a working macro on that?

Just a small note: Neither WoW’s API nor GSE are able to do timing. The only way you can get this right is if you DONT spam the macro and use it at the right time. Anything that is able to reliably get the timing right on this kind of a thing is a BOT and that is use at your own risk.

I was just asking about the manual macro if it was ready for release, not anything automated