I need help !! commands Kreuzfahrerstoß=(Crusader Strike)

Hello, I use Hazy macros for a few days and am very excited.
I also a German server games, I changed everything to German.
Unfortunately, he only performs the commands Kreuzfahrerstoß=(Crusader Strike) and Schild des Rächers= (Avenger’s Shield) not enough.
I guess that this a problem on ä and ß is.
Can I ask one more help?

In case someone comes across this post, the answer is to change the text encoding in whatever editing software you are using to UTF-8 or escape any special characters. Also, try to be consistent. Mixing [[ ]], ’ ’ and " " makes sequences that much harder to debug when one of we volunteers gets a hold of it. I personally prefer ’ and escape any 's as ’ in the code.