I tried to search but cant find

in the macros there are check boxs to auto use trinkets that have on use abilities, but i have a 2h weapon Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder Flame the on use is
Use: Ignite the Elder Flame to siphon the heat from nearby enemies, dealing 4,936 Fire damage to them and causing your melee abilities to unleash waves of ancient lava, dealing 14,808 Fire damage split between all enemies struck for 10 seconds. (2 Min 30 Sec Cooldown)

how to i get this to fire off in the macro , currently i just have it on the bar and have to click it, would rather have it in the rotation. for default stuff.

Help. thanks.

It wont be pretty but you can justs add /use 16, but its far from the most effective way to use it. But if you want it on constant cd this could work.