IceRobert Prot Paladin, Optimized for Raiding, Mythic+, Thorgast and Questing (UPDATED 23-05-2021)

Hi all,

Well this is my first time doing macros for public so plz be nice n.n

I’ve created this macro for my personal use, I want to share it with you guys, the feedback will help me a lot.

I Use Venthyr covenant, so his covenant skill is imbued on the macro (you can easy edit this :P).

The macro consist of 1 macro


Auto targeting is only enabled always, to avoid pulls by mistake in group content plz be carefull and stop de macro before they kill the mob.

There are 3 modifiers you can use with this macro:

Alt: Ardent Defender

Shift: Guardian of the ancient kings

Ctrl: Divine Shield

Use it on 50-200 ms. (its important you configure the macro speed correctly)



I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you a lot for your time.




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I am not sure I understand. Your macro says “The macro consist of 1 macro” but your line later says “Macros (import Both):”

I was also going to ask how you distinguish between single target rotation versus multitarget rotation? Is that what your modifiers help with?

First thing is a typo error on the post, ill fix it.

Prot Paladin only have a single rotation that is a mix between ST and AOE, they dont have 2 macros for aoe and st separatedly.

If you dont believe me see other tanking macros, not only pala other classes too

Thank you @LordArcanine Just wasn’t sure and trying to determine which modifiers contribute to ST and AOE respectfully. Learning the paly all over again after being away a few years.