Ideal rotation for 80 lvl UNH Death Knight Dungeons/Raids

Hello guys!

Here is the entire ideal rotation for a death knight. How difficult is it to transfer to a macro? And does gse have enough tools to implement all this?

GSE doesn’t really do anything except queue up spells/abilities to form a macro.

I’ve noticed you asking everyone under the sun to update their macros. BE PATIENT. Other people have lives and other responsibilities and will maybe update them if they get a chance.

Or instead of waiting take the time to update them yourself.

Thanks for the reply and advice! Now I am gradually learning the methods of creating macros, but it is difficult for me due to the lack of time and small analytical abilities. As an excuse, I can say: I look at the treads of other classes and see how eminent and well-known people on this resource, such as @Elfyau and Mr @lutechi , make their masterpieces. And I kindly envy f.e. paladins. I really hope that someday their golden hands will reach DK.