If/thens allowed or even supported/possible?


I am trying to make a macro that uses Dispatch at 5 combo points but only when I have 5 combo points. I want to weave in some other abilities, too. Such as using Roll the Bones when RTB is at <=8 seconds left, but has 5 combo points. Is stuff like this possible with just GSE? If so, how?

If it is not possible, will I need to mix in a 3rd-party program, such as AHK? If this is the only way, what is the legality of said use? I don’t want to risk my account. I know to follow a 1:1 keypress-to-action ratio, but I don’t know if combining programs and/or addons will somehow negate this rule.



The WoW macro command system won’t give that priority-based system based on stacks of anything; either in GSE or with AHK. There are simply no conditionals in game for DoTs/HoTs/procs to be used in that way.

Yes, I already tried what you are now trying to do, so I know exactly where you are coming from.

The best you can do is have a uber-complex GCD weaving macro that you will need to test and tweak for months, but even then it will still get hung up at times (based on lag, new gear, PVP vs PVE environments, etc).

So its just better to have a solid macro and then put something that stacks on its own separate key and save your sanity. However, you can macro SND and Dispatch together and put that macro on said separate keybind. If you are extremely forgetful, you can make a Weak Aura that pops when your conditions have been met.

That makes sense.

I’ll see what I can come up with by using two (or more) separate macros.

Thank you for the information!

For more information see FYI: Attempt at a Proc watching Macro. Result - Interface Action Blocked