Ignore spell if on cooldown

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading and watching tutorials and can’t seem to find concrete info on this simple matter.
Is it possible to make a macro that will cast with one key hit two spells not on the global cooldown as such? :

Cast spell 1 if ready. (1m cd)
Cast spell 2 always. (no cd)

If you could redirect me to somewhere with more information about this or answer the question would be greatly appreciated.


No, there is no way to do that.

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This is against Blizz’s ToS.
If you didn’t find any information then maybe that person(s) doesn’t want their account banned.

think this calls for finger usage :wink:

Put the two into the action blocks in GSE and it will do exactly what you are after. You could even put these into a variable and add that variable to each action block.

You can do a million spells in one action if they are not on the GCD.

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