Ignoring training dummies

For some reason (internet trolls) turnips and training dummies are being dropped either in battlegrounds or at events like the tuskarr feast. Is there a way to set the macro to ignore targets that are undesirable?

unless Timothy has diffrent answer, there is no way other than take out the auto target line from the macro.

“You” are the way you don’t target dummies on a battleground. There is no way for GSE to filter this out as Blizzard actively prevents it from knowing what the target is.

Well “they” shouldnt be allowed to drop target dummies at events exactly like why they dont allow idiots to mount on top of npcs like during winterfest. I can mark items in my bag as do not sell so I was hoping for the same for targeting.

in PVP you could try /targetenemyplayer, not sure if they removed that line or not. But used to use it to avoid pets.