I'm trying to figure out a macro, and could really use help!

I play BM, and I’m trying to figure out a macro to spam arcane shot and use cobra shot when I’m low on focus, also while casting kill command and glaive toss when theyre on cool down. Can some1 help me?!?!

That’s not how macros work. You can’t do one attack and then wait for your focus to be at a certain level before doing another. You should read up on how macros actually function in wow so you can properly look for what may work for you.

I play survival and this is the macro I use to spam Arcane (and keep Serpent Sting up as well) while generating focus:

#showtooltip Cobra Shot
/castsequence reset=3 !Auto Shot, Cobra Shot
/castrandom [target=pettarget, exists] claw
/castrandom Arcane Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

It’s a good (simple) one button masher, especially for survival but will work for BM and MM wihout all the headache of trying to figure out gnome sequencer macros (I still can’t figure those out)

As for Kill Shot and Glaive Toss, you would probably want to write a second macro for those abilities, I would have to experiment a bit to try and help with those.

Hope that helps…