Impending Victory // Protection Warrior // 8.3+ // Mythic+ Version

We push and train our bodies and minds to the limits. We don’t rely on that pansy magic to turn into bears or call upon false dieties for temporary power. Gouge our eyes out so we can see the truth ? Drink potions of mysterious concoctions to harden our skin? Get out of here with that nonsense. We are the strongest and we have to be in order to protect and defend ourselves and others. We live each day to the fullest for tomorrow may never come. We know that not fullfulling our utmost potential is cheating ourselves. We shall strive everyday to be stronger and stronger. We are the warriors…




Since I have no BETA (thanks blizz) got some free-time so after trying the top 5 Prot Warrior macros on here I couldn’t ever find one that (for me) had the necessary ability to do great damage coupled with high self survivability when testing in Mythic’s. The only place good place to test Tank macros (IMO) are in Mythic dungeons. Fly to Atal’Dazar grab a couple of them Saurid packs see how the macro handles. Most utterly failed. This one does not.

Two Macros - Single Target // AOE ( >2)

These are written for Mythic+ only. I never looked at what Talents and rotation would be needed for Raids. So use accordingly.



10 … yup … 10

Latest Version Dated: 7/18/2020



Latest Version Dated: 7/18/2020



This uses [mods] so adjust them accordingly:


Lastly: Your big Defensives:

Are definitely NOT in the macro to fire off automatically. Those should be on separate keys to utilize when you need.

Have a look in Action!


saved for future usage … if needed

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Your macros are never disappointing; I’m looking forward to trying this out.

I do have a question about your talent choices: are Punish and Menace just personal preferences for Mythic Plus?

Thank you for these macros regardless.

the lvl 15 Talent - Impending Victory adds to survivability since I pug alot and don’t have faith in the Pug Healers … every other talent choice is based on the worlds best Mythic+ Prot Warriors …

If you go to warcraft logs and look at the top 1% Prot Warriors you will see I just picked what they use - except the lvl 15 talent of course (Impending Victory)- due to the fact they run with the trusted top dedicated healers in the Mythic++ community

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Gotcha. Under the macro, it says your first talent is 2, or Punish; Impending Victory is 3. I was just curious.

Edit: My fault that I missed your screenshot of your talents; I was going off of what the macro says.

fixed … to match the picture uploaded … thanks for the input ! hope it works out for ya !

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Hey mate, you haven’t included Shield Block in the Macro, is this on purpose?

Shield block is one of those defensive’s that should be on a separate key . to be used conditionally … most times you can just use ignore pain.

I see, makes sense! Tyvm for the Macro seems to be workin fine even at lower levels 68 atm :smiley: I just removed Avatar since i need to be on demand as well :slight_smile:

ya the only reason i have it in there is due to the visions of perfection reduces the cooldown to 1.1 minute … which makes it short enough to just pop it all the time

Also, why people go with Booming Voice and not Devastator?

Because the top Tanks in the world (warcraft logs) use Booming Voice … now of course should you want to use Devastator it won’t mess up the macro at all

Been using these to run 17’s - good macro

excellent !! i have too many tanks to play them all at high keys

Hi! I don’t know if im doing something wrong or what but when I spam this macro at 10ms it seems like it’s skipping some of the skills in the sequence. Oh and trinkets… Constant spam about Item not ready :smiley:

I know that if we want to be purists we can’t put Shield Block in a macro, but by putting everything else (especially Ignore Pain), your warrior will be rage starved most of the time and won’t be able to manually cast Shield Block when needed. I’d put it into the macro, tbh. You have a very similar example with SotR which you use really well in your excellent Protection Paladin macro (which is the one I actually use on my pally, btw).

i’ve used it constantly and am rarely ever rage starved … but at the same time the balance of rage stacking versus low rage is a discussion for theory crafters … and really for people who do keys > 15 (which is barely 5% of the WoW community)

i just make macros that allow me to faceroll tank and perty much outheal the healers and never die

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Well then that’s good news mate! I’ll stick to it and use it a bit more. I share your philosophy, to be honest. I don’t do anything bigger than 15 either and just want to skip the hassle of the basic rotation so I can concentrate on the big picture. Thanks for the info!

whats the name of the addon which lets your spells scroll across the screen?