Implementing [ Next skill to used ] via suggestions from DPS rotation addons

Rogues have this addon to maximize your PVE DPS

Has anyone ever considered reworking the priority setting to work with dps rotation addons?

for example
you create your macro based with all your skills in it
and GS-E can switch priority of the spells based on what a 3rd party is suggesting

sounds to me like it would probably have to reorganize the macro on the fly and if GS-E implemented the same methods those dps rotation addons use to calculate what skill to use next, we wouldnt need a 3rd addon, GS-E could handle it all

Can’t be done as once combat has initiated the API is locked down and becomes protected.
Macros cannot be adjusted on the fly due to the protected element of the API. GSE can read buffs but can’t take action on said buffs, debuffs, combo points etc. To do that would be effectively classed as botting and would end up being banned.

Updates to macros can only take place OOC. This is why if you lose connection while in combat/boss fight and re-log back in to the game while combat is still taking place, the macro/GSE becomes disabled until combat ends.

ok i understand, so how exactly does priority work then? inside GS-E

Not only that but wouldn’t the outcome be against TOS? It sounds like a bot rotation if its making decisions and implementing them for you. No room for that here

Priority is based on best effort on the location of the skill in the sequence.

Skills at the top will always be tried first

In the case of a simple thing like
/cast Lightning Bolt
/cast Flame Shock
/cast Lava Burst

It will always try Lightning Bolt before the next line

Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Flame Shock, Lightning Bolt, FlameShock, Lava Burst

So effectively 6 presses to get to the 3rd skill. Its not explicit either so if it comes to a line that is on CD it will skip this and move to the next and so on

DirtForSale thank you for the example, priority does sound really interesting and i want to try and make my own macro based on this model, where can i get more information and are there any working-updated macros released you could show me

good question and answer series here…thanks.