Import in different language

Why somethimes i have to edit the macro to change all the spell name to my local language and sometime not? There is something wrong in my configuration?

Because when a macro author writes a macro if converts the spells the macro author knows to a numerical ID that is the same across each language. For the spells the author doesn’t know, or doesn’t know yet or has swapped talents and no longer knows, it has no idea what the ID is so it stores the local language name of the spell. Unfortunately, you can currently only get the ID of spells your character knows as the only ones that can directly use this information are Blizzard’s internal code. They don’t consider the case of swapping macros between languages.

We used to have a database of spells but unfortunately while GSE at the time was 200k, the database component was a 5mb plugin to GSE and made playing in other languages without supercomputers almost impossible.

Using a macro in another language all depends on this function:

The key is this part:


String - A spell name known to the player character

Its that known to the player character that is the PITA

I am looking at this as a potential replacement but don’t have it working yet GetSpellLink - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

It’s strange cause a mocro from an author is fine, the other one is ‘name coded’ so I was confused.

Tnx for the clarification.

Just as idea, it’s not possible to make the string interactive like while hovering it put the id in a tooltip?

Well, can be done using an addon that show the id on the icon… oky. It’s matter of the macro creator.