IMPORTANT: New WOW message is popping with macro use -- TOS viol??

Was testing a new GSE macro, first time this has appeared … upon using the macro, a message alert pops up, says are you sure you want to use a custom script, may compromise your character, gold, and items …

Will a Mod confirm this please

its a blizzard warning to cover their arse, as there was a time when some cunning addon authors were creating mailbox addons that secretly mail them gold from unsuspecting users each time the mailbox was used.

its been in place since WoD and pops up when updates happen or fresh install of add-ons that use custom scripts like GSE, nothing to worry about really

In GSE this will appear when you use options like hide errors and hide error sounds as they are classed as custom scripts. Accepting it will ignore the message until settings are fully reset again