Incorrect SL Beta version from Twitch

The current beta version on Twitch (Curse) shows the current SL beta version as GSE:2.6.01-beta5
However, when checking the version in-game, it shows the version as GSE:2.6.01-beta1

I manually pulled GSE:2.6.01-beta5 from GitHub and when rechecking the version, it correctly shows the ‘beta5’ version.

So for those pulling from twitch are not getting the updated version nor its fixes. Hoping that someone else checks and sees what version they get from twitch to see if it is the incorrect download or an issue on my end :worried:


@JaxxTheBulldog @TimothyLuke
Yes, you are correct.
I didn’t see a post like this in Discord so I will make one there letting others know as well.

This isn’t actually the problem.

When GSE is built it creates the version string and it has a placeholder in case it’s a test version. The placeholder currently is beta1-shadowlands

Until it’s a “release” what matters is the file name. Twitch unfortunately cannot distinguish between Shsdowlsnds/PTR and Retail hence you can’t use Twitch’s client or wowup etc. you need to download the file manually from Curse. Don’t download from GitHub if you want it to work.