Info I found on Augment Evokers

Interesting Interactions (EXPERIMENTAL)

DISCLAIMER: These interactions are experimental and will most likely be fixed!

Currently, Augmentation Evoker is going to break the game. Right now there is no cap on how many Evokers can buff a single person, this means right now you can go into a raid, have 28 Augment Evokers buff 2 people and make them literal gods, they will then proceed to kill the boss in about 30 seconds.

Some other interesting facts, there was a Simulation run where they had the Augmentation Evoker cast 6 abilities and then AFK for 80 seconds and repeat… This was a 5 minute sim and the total dps of the Augmentation Evoker was 110K by the end of the 5 minutes, having only 6 APM (Actions Per Minute).

Right now, Augmentation Evokers are fun but broken. However, this will be fixed before 10.2 as it is just not good for the game right now.

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