Information setting gse

hello everyone i wanted to know several things about current gse:
In the same tab where I write the macro , how many macro rows can I enter? example:
/cast spell 1
/cast spell 2 can you put or only one line per macro?
other thing is there a way to no ncast spells or not? often use 50 ms and it goes very fast ok but i notice that spells are not used immediately when they are ready why?

Each action can’t have about 5000 characters x. GSE doesn’t execute the resulting macro. Wow does. Itntakes each action and reads it from the top down. It will execute everything up to the the first GCD spell it sees and continue and execute every non GCD command after that. If the GCD spell it tries is on cool-down or not enough mana or the GCD itself is in effect that cast failed but it used up the GCD event and any other GCd spells in that action are still blocked.

The GCD is the global cooldown. When you use an ability all other GCD spells have a minimum cooldown of between 1.2 and 1.5 seconds. Spamming at 50 ms means that you run action 1 and the next 20-30 actions in your GSE template are automatically ignored by WoW as the GCD is in effect, GSE can’t tell cast Success or failure as once it knows that it can no longer ask WoW to execute abilities so it just sends the next action each time you click.

As for the why doesn’t it use it immediately - it still depends on where your macro is up to when the GCD finishes and how many actions away your thing is and what else is not on cool-down that’s in the actions before it,

I play with 50 ms with corsair scimitar rbg pro mouse but I don’t use auto button that click by itself are i oche I press at 50 ms and it goes very fast is correct use ?