Interested in raiding. How does/did your raiding setup look like?

I would like to know good and simple setups for raiding. Interested in how you guys lazymacros setup look like, for example, mouse/keyboard,which class. ahk scripts etc.
Thankss :smiley:

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I personally use a 6 buttons Logitech mouse and have 2 of them assigned to key 9 and 0 on my action bar. Both are toggle assigned (press once to start and press again to stop) 0 is for Single target and 9 is for Multi-Target. I run at 100ms and try to make my own macros or at least modify the ones I borrow to fit my play style! I like to control my Cooldowns and use 3 mods per macro for better control. That’s about it for me!

Hello @Khylsie , When it comes to raiding its just like open world except there are mechanics. so im sure you will do great. some useful Addons-DBM(Deadly Boss Mods), Details(Damagage Meters) Bartender(Manage Action Bars) OmniCC(CDs on your Action Bar) Weakauras 2(framework that lets you display special graphical elements on screen to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other relevant status effects instead of just bombarding your eyes with more numbers and meters.) these are just some of the important addons I use everyday and in Raiding. so now onto the Mouse and Keyboard. with the mouse I use a 12 Button at the thumb Logitech G600 and my keyboard is a Logitech G512 . when it comes to what Macros I use I use a lot of different ones, not so much with the new pre patch but almost all these macros perform really well in a raid environment as long as you have the knowledge of your class. and Knowledge is what brings me to my next point when it comes to raiding. Raiding is all about doing your research and reading on the mechanics, always know your raids before going into them(always been a rule of thumb for me) its not like the old days anymore where you would have Blind runs and no one knew the fights so you all had to work together to figure out how to get through the raid…these kinds of raids are missed oh so much but sadly not a big thing you see anymore. its awesome that you’re interested in getting into raiding! it is a lot of fun and a whole other side of the game. now with classes, I would suggest just play what you enjoy the most, because if you don’t enjoy it then you wont stick with it :slight_smile: well again that’s how it is for me but some of the classes that performed well in raiding lately for me it would be Hunter, Demon Hunter, Rogue, Paladin. but again all classes can perform well :slight_smile: hopefully my babbling helped somewhat haha GL and keep us updated on your new raiding experiences! ps if you find yourself getting some lag in the raids check out ExitLag, its changed my sessions up for good specially in raiding and PvP. another thing I wanted to Note- its the Details addon for DPS. use this for your own knowledge unless the raid asks for a report of the damage and heals and interrupts. other than that I keep it to myself because if someone is doing bad DPS I don’t want them to feel bad for playing a game you know? when it comes to LFR you will see a lot of Toxicity and people trying to prove they are “Pumpers” in LFR. this stuff, try to stay away from. remember, in the raid everyone is on the same team so teamwork is a big deal :slight_smile: Good luck with the Raiding and may the RNG gods be in your favor!

Edit- another really useful addon is Cursortrails. I found this addon by watching @lutechi stream, I always had a problem with losing my mouse cursor in the raids as I use a pretty big monitor lol this addon has been a life saver when it comes to quickly locating my mouse cursor :slight_smile: