Introducing Our New Forums Moderator!

WoW Lazy Macros is pleased to introduce our new forums Moderator, @michaeljackson who will be patrolling and helping folks around the forums. Michael
[See the full post at: Introducing Our New Forums Moderator!]


Congrats Michael :slight_smile:

Thanks guys - I know some of you don’t like the multiple hotbar method and that’s ok we have others making some good priority cast macros you can use too. For me personally I am using multi hotbars on all but one character because I find with my latency it works better.

So to those using my macros and liking them good on you and to those liking the others the same thing - use what you are comfortable with. In any case the majority of the new macros now necessitate the use of a macro extender like superdupermacro and some don’t like that either but what can we do.

The main thing is enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Well I’m here coz I’m Lazy, so here are my, late, Congratulations Michael :slight_smile:

Hope you play a Warlock ehehehe