Introduction and hello

Good evening! Just introducing myself and saying hello to everyone. I started playing wow a couple of months after it was initially released. My ex-husband bought it and started playing and he wanted me to try it; so I did. I ran around on a demo lock and then a BM hunter because I love pets. :slight_smile:

We both quit after BFA came out. So, eight months since our divorce, I have some free time on my hands and thought I’d go try it again.

I’m using these macros and couldn’t play without them.

I joined the discord server and I’m on there as Rilastia. Don’t be shy. Say hello :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome. Here and on Twitter i go by the name MultiMonx as i used to multibox monks…get it? :slight_smile:
Anywho, since Blizzard ruined that for me, im just lurking here and (most likely) waiting for my game time to run out.

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