Is AHK or similar software allowed to use for WoW?

i’ve been in this forum a lot, but i never found the right topic (maybe im bad at using the search function).
But nvm.
I try to get the information right, so everyone can find a real answer to it.
Correct me if im wrong! :slight_smile:

My latest information is, that it isnt recommended to use any software, like AHK. If you are using it, there is always some risk to it.

Recommendation: Dont go below 250ms.
250ms means, that the script is clicking 4 times per second, so its quite fast anyways.

As far as i understand it, there is no automatic detection for this kind of programs(AHK etc.), but a GM can check it and decide different from case to case.

There are some old blue posts about it and they say, it isnt automation. But i guess, those are not accurate anymore. As i said correct me if im wrong.

So remember, there is no guarantee that you cant get banned. The faster you are using your script, the higher is the risk.

I like GSE a lot, but i guess, as long as you are not physically impaired its a bit unfair. :slight_smile:
but nvm, its a great addon anyways! :slight_smile:


GSE is not AHK. GSE is a macro compiler. It is entirely self contained within WoW’s API. You don’t need to use AHK with GSE. You can use GSE totally on its own.

AHK, GHub, Synapse etc are THIRD PARTY tools not using Blizzard’s approved API to automate keystrokes. ANY use of these tools with WoW can get you banned. You can use these tools irrespective of if you use GSE or not - they are not required for GSE.

With relation to these tools there are two concerns: boting and unfair advantage. AHK can be used to write a autoplay bot for WoW not just for automating key strokes. The unfair advantage is from using a third party tool to achieve what an average person could not hence the recommendation to not go below 250ms.

In response to “But my macro runs crap at 250ms”. Let me fix that. Your macro is crap write a better one.

The full version of this post is located at Guide: macros, WoW, you and more - #55 by TimothyLuke



sure, it should be clear that GSE is not AHK. :slight_smile: I use GSE without AHK, just to be sure. It helps a lot to clean the action bars and combine.
I feel you, some people just dont get that every macro behaves different on each system and connection. To have a nice Macro that works for me i had to do a lot of “science”. ^^

GSE = Super allowed and useful as f*ck.
AHK and similar software = At your own risk.

The first day i discovered GSE i was like "Holy schmokes, the gods have given me a supertool to make WoW more accessible and easier (if you got a nice macro). :smiley: