Is GSE ready for SLs?

I am unsure where to ask this question but here goes. Is GSE ready for the prepatch and such next Tuesday? I cant really play wow without the addon and am hoping it will be ready for patch day!

The addon itself works great in ptr and beta. Now we all just need to come togheter and write new or update old macros for Shadowlands. I have uploaded some of my macros but im far from a good macro maker. I know there are people in here that are far much better at writing macros then i am.

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You just need to make sure you are using the version with -shadowlands at the end (at the time of writing 2.6.01-beta4-shadowlands) If you dont it wont work.


I’d like to give a shout out to you, TimothyLuke for all the hard work you and lots of others do with GSE and the macros. I honestly appreciate it more than I can ever express in words so thank you. I sincerely appreciate it.

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Agreed, I would have never been able to come back to wow competitively without GSE after i got diagnosed with MS. This addon has literally saved my life long love for WoW!

how do you use GSE on the PTR? i got the beta in the addons folder of my ptr version but /gse doesnt open it and there are no buttons when i loot at it in my interface>addons ingame menu.

If its ptr you gonna test. You need to put the gse addon in wow game folder/ptr/interface/addon/ 2.6.01-beta4-shadowlands.
IF its the beta your trying you put the addon in beta/interface/addon. Hope this helps.

Hello there @Zysoring

My advice for you is to SOAK all the must information in the forum, do it everytime when you have a bit of break / free time.

Then you will be properly prepared ( pun intended ILLIDAN ), for prepatch and shadowlands goes live.


PS: addons needs to be uptated every often, so start from there :slight_smile:

When you download the add on it comes as a zip - inside it are three folders. These need to be at the root of the add ons folder. C:\path\to\wow_beta_\interface\addons