Is it possible to make a Castsequence macro with skip on cooldown?

Hi! I’m relatively new to GSE and very new to these forums.

So, I’ve been experimenting with this macro for a last couple of days and still can’t make it work as desired.
The situation is rather simple:

  1. I cast one huge spell with a significant travel time (Glacial Spike),
  2. As soon as I finish casting I want to buff myself (Ice Form+RoP and on-use trinket)
  3. And then immediately after that – cast Ice Nova (instant cast, no travel time).
  4. If Ice Form/trinket on cooldown, skip those and just use Ice Nova alone

The problem is that if I use standard macro:

/cast Ice Form
/use 14
/cast Ice Nova

it casts off-global Ice Form and trinket AFTER it would cast Ice Nova. And, therefore, I lose somewhat 4-5k damage on burst, which is somewhat significant.

On the other hand, using standard /castsequence macro, such as:

/castsequence reset=10 Ice Form, 14, Ice Nova

does the trick, but, of course, this way I can’t use Ice Nova while Ice Form is on cooldown (and I would very much like to do that)

Using GSE solves it partially, if I use 2 consequential blocks:

/cast Ice Form
/use 14


/cast Ice Nova

But since I execute the macro with a programmable mouse (side button), it clicks it with an interval 100 ms, and it’s pretty much a 50v50 random which block goes first. Which is, of course not desireable.

Is there a way to write this macro as a some sort of castsequence with a skip on cooldown option and reset on time and/or target swap?

Short answer Nope - welcome to the challenge of macros.

Castsequence had reset=x where x is a number of seconds but it’s reset if I don’t in any way try to use the macro. One touch of the macro and the reset=x starts counting out it’s reset value again so if your spamming it will never reset.

Long answer
GSE has pauses to so that you can get the timing right for things like this. You need to be spamming your macro at a constant speed and you have to have this configured in GSE’s options but with patience you can then get the timing right and still skip the cooling down spell.