Is there a command to reset the sequence of GSE?

I use GSE for a 10-line sequence macro, is there a way to set a condition that it will reset to the first line, instead of doing the same 10 lines over and over? Not related to in/out of combat.

tl;dr what are the possible conditions to reset a sequence macro

Edit: a /reload works, however is there a possibilty to set this as a conditional? (use /reload if …)

I believe in the options you can bind a key to force the macro to reset back to the beginning. I know @BladePro uses it on his DH tank macro so some people might have a better way to explain it to you! I’m not currently in front of the computer, so can’t be more specific sorry!

Hey, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this is not what I’m looking for. Im looking for a condition that will automatically reset the sequence, like the current option for ‘Reset on combat’, but then for different conditions other than being in combat.

Preferably one that says: “Reset sequence on entering instance” or something similar to this.

Edit: I found that a /reload does what I want, so putting it at the end of my sequence is a temporary solution for now. If the developer could add a button that said ‘Reset sequence on instance transfer’, that would be 10/10

i dont understand your questioning … if you would be more specific as to what exactly what you are trying to accomplish ??

to me the reset=combat is doing ‘exactly’ what your asking … once you leave an instance (your out of combat)

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If you have the reset on combat option on it already resets every time you zone.

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