Is there actually a good GSE build?

I’ve been looking for a good GSE build for weeks.

I feel like I’ve tested and played the entire first page of themes here, but looking for a Key Overall DPS makes me sick.

Now before all the flashlights arrive: Yes, I read through the description of the posters and also implement them.

Basically, the burst damage always looks big, but as I already wrote, overall it’s not really cool.

With a GS of 441, correct skill (values), the overall details usually say something like 70-80K DPS in a 20er Key

What am I doing wrong or what can it be?

So ive noticed Blade Dance not doing the last big hit sometimes, seems ot happen if you attack too quickly after blade dance or a buff drops. Also if you include Chaos Strike in a sequence macro, Chaos Strikes loops when you go into Demon form before going through the sequence so you cant even macro an optimal cast sequence rotation.

Ultimately I am in same boat as you, I think Havoc is just boom or bust play with alot of camera movements, awareness of stuff around you, micromanagement of buffs and lots of effort. I dont know what the fix is and have tried building my own, modifying others as well as every macro on this page.

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It is clear that you never get to the DPS as if you were playing yourself. But I understand your points. I also think it’s a shame that “big” posts are described as “updates” here on the site, but a lot of them just don’t make sense or are from March or February, for example, and just haven’t been updated.

What does your build currently look like? I would be happy if you would post it.

I myself have often tried to write my own build but unfortunately I’m probably too stupid for that :smiley:

i use gaupanda havoc once and it working g8t for me !

Seems the best performing one for me has been Moonstar’s. I’m more into M+ content and have done up to 21 with it. I just have to peel back from the auto throw stuff when my essence break window gets closer and go into manual mode.


This is mine, its just me playing with Moonstars macro (it is easily the best, and still performs well in M+ with the burn build, just not so good as ST for me anyway) and trying to get an easier way to introduce the manual segment of the rotation by using SNEK’s method of manual burst windows. Happy to explain this all.

Yeah of course Gen but all other expansions you have been able to get decent dps with a GSE macro, currently in DF its just not performing at the high end. I still suspect some hits arent working and is caused by a subsequent attack being used too soon for a hit to register. I have only seen one other person mention it however so could be just me being shit. I can have a Misery buff up, momentum, Ess Break window, the crit buff up and a trinket and my last blade dance only hits for 70k while unbuffed hit anywhere between 150-200k. Its quite frustrating when that big crit doesnt land especially with all the buffs. This isnt a GSE issue as ive tested a normal rotation both manually and with a cast sequence and its boom or bust. Also if you have chaos strike in a sequence macro, and go into demon form (Eyebeam or Meta), the macro hangs and spams only chaos strike and doesnt continue the sequence until out of demon form.

If you have a disability and still wanting to do high end keys I recommend rolling Pally and using SNEK’s macro, it is excellent and the more haste you get the better it becomes.

As always in these discussions I need to say I enjoy the making and modifying of macros and thoroughly appreciate the time and effort the community puts into making macros for each other. There isnt a bad one here and I am not putting anyone down or arguing. Nutting out rotations and improved game play with GSE is fun to me as its sometimes a little different to the meta :slight_smile:

I personally make three macros, One is pretty much general chaos blade dance spam with Immo and Sigil , Then I make Basic Essence break macro, and lastly I make The FUll and complete essence break combo for the opening pull . Simply doing the full essence break combo in the beginning will boost you sometimes to the top of the dps. I make Eye Beam Alt cast. I forgot I also have a macro that does Vegenful retreat and felblade combo to jump back and return right to boss, and Fel rush on the Vengful macro

Have you had the chaos strike loopoing when in meta issue?